Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment Management in Miami | Miami Investment Advisors

A disciplined approach to Active Management can play an important role in meeting investment objectives. Asset prices occasionally deviate from Values implied by underlying fundamentals and this creates opportunities that our processes are designed to identify and exploit. 

We manage investments for U.S. Individuals, U.S. and International High net worth individuals, and Institutional Investors.

Investing in companies with the highest level of expected return is the key to superior long term results. 

Whether your individual, Family,  or institutional investor you're likely looking for the best way to grow to your account to meet your investment objectives.

Focused, Disciplined and Value oriented Investment selection process by using methods that are Quantitative.  This removes human emotion and bias from the investment selection process

Barnett Capital Advisors Managed Account Features

Your account will be held and viewable at Charles Schwab, Pershing LLC, and/or Folio Institutional by Goldman Sachs 

Online Access

Investment account balances, statements, and confirmations are available 24 hours a day through Charles Schwab  and/or Pershing's Netxclient login and phone app.

Investment Portfolio Customization 

We understand each client is unique; we'll customize your portfolio so it's tailored to you and your objectives. Whether you’re looking for a specific monthly income yield, or a combination between income and long-term growth, we can customize a portfolio for your needs.

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