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Finding the right Trust Jurisdiction is one of the most important aspects when you’re trying to protect your wealth against any potential threat. When setting up a trust you have to make sure that you have access to your money and

Protect Your Wealth

the “potential threat” does not. We’ve seen that many people when trying to protect their money they set up a trust in a different state thinking that their assets will be protected there, but the truth is that it doesn’t give you enough protection, and the reason why is that many states don’t offer real protection unless you live in that state. That can be a potential error that can put at risk your money from any money-grabber out there.


Even after you’ve done everything properly, you still need real experienced professionals on your side, because the other party “the threat” likely will persevere to get what is yours. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best lawyers in the city that have had experience dealing with issues like this and can give you the confidence that you need to protect what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.


Creating a Long-Term Plan

Setting up a financial plan that can meet your investment objectives is also one of the most important aspects to protect your wealth. Finding a qualified professional such as a Certified Financial Planner that can create a comprehensive plan for you and at the same time free you from the weight of having to deal with all the complicated investments out there is one of the most gratifying things that you can experience, so you can live an outstanding and protected life. The ease of having 24/7 online access to your assets with a Fiduciary firm will give you tranquility and provide you the peace of mind required to focus on other objectives in life.Protect Your Wealth

Having a discipline strategy is key for the long-term success of your portfolio. Also, it is important to diversify your assets properly where you can take advantage of the market returns while at the same time protecting your assets from any market downturn.

In Barnett Capital Advisors we provide you with a customized strategy that utilizes a computerized quantitative approach to choosing equity securities following the principles of Warren Buffett for picking stocks. Finding undervalue companies for our clients have been one of our greatest strengths over the years.

Mixing the right equity securities with the right uncorrelated assets provides you with a risk protection strategy required to keep growing your assets and at the same time protecting them.

Creating Long-Lasting Legacy for your Heirs

Having comprehensive weProtect Your Wealthalth management strategies will help you ensure a lasting legacy for your living heirs. A thorough wealth preservation strategy will make you prepare for the difficulties of multigenerational families by protecting the wealth you’ve built in your life. Utilizing the most suitable financial strategies for your situation and choosing an experienced Financial Professional will guarantee you a significant positive impact on your Estate & Legacy future.

Remember that your Estate includes any possessions that you might have, in the case of an eventuality, your wealth management plan will ensure you how these prized possessions are distributed, to whom, what, and when. By having a plan, you will be prepared for any sudden situation and also help you mitigate any tax obligations, court costs, legal involvement, and/or fees for the trustees.


You want to protect your wealth and create a plan as soon as possible before your assets are already in jeopardy. However, there are ways to protect your assets after the “threat” has arrived but preferably doing it early will give you a better shield against any threat in the future. 


There are many ways to protect your wealth such as setting up a trust, buying insurance products, convert into asset exemption, protect with liens, transfer assets to a protective entity, among many other options. Depending on your situation and theProtect Your Wealth state you are located in will depend on which is the best option to choose.

It is important to remember that if you have accumulated a considerable amount of wealth over the years, do not have it expose and use the right protection tools to eliminate any kind of potential threats in the future.

“… own nothing, but control everything.” By Rockefeller

Don’t wait too long to protect your wealth, if your assets are exposed protect them now! Put your information below and let a professional help you.